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MMC Timeout Crash dump during Data Transfer

Question asked by Pandi Vijayaraj on Jul 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2018 by igorpadykov


I am working with the IMX6SLL-EVK board and booting up with the linux-imx-4.9.11_1.0.0_ga kernel.

An external WiFi card is inserted interfaced using the SD3(MMC2) slot and data transfer is tested. The WiFi Card is detected as a UHS-I SDR104 card and the supplied clock frequency is 198MHz.

During Iperf test data transfers the MMC Timeout crash is observed more often. This is caused by the timer callback "sdhci_timeout_data_timer". After this the WIFI card has to be removed and re-inserted to continue further testing.

What is the reason for this dump?

Is it a limitation of the iMX6SLL-EVK platform because of the single core design?

help me debug this further.


ubuntu@arm:~$ sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/mmc2/ios
clock: 208000000 Hz
actual clock: 198000000 Hz
vdd: 18 (3.0 ~ 3.1 V)
bus mode: 2 (push-pull)
chip select: 0 (don't care)
power mode: 2 (on)
bus width: 2 (4 bits)
timing spec: 6 (sd uhs SDR104)
signal voltage: 1 (1.80 V)
driver type: 0 (driver type B)


ubuntu@arm:~$ mmc2: Timeout waiting for hardware interrupt.
sdhci: =========== REGISTER DUMP (mmc2)===========
sdhci: Sys addr: 0xe4059d90 | Version: 0x00000002
sdhci: Blk size: 0x00000004 | Blk cnt: 0x00000001
sdhci: Argument: 0x9410d004 | Trn mode: 0x00000003
sdhci: Present: 0x01f8810e | Host ctl: 0x00000013
sdhci: Power: 0x00000002 | Blk gap: 0x00000080
sdhci: Wake-up: 0x00000008 | Clock: 0x0000001f
sdhci: Timeout: 0x0000008f | Int stat: 0x00000000
sdhci: Int enab: 0x107f110b | Sig enab: 0x107f110b
sdhci: AC12 err: 0x00000000 | Slot int: 0x00000302
sdhci: Caps: 0x07eb0000 | Caps_1: 0x8000b407
sdhci: Cmd: 0x0000353a | Max curr: 0x00ffffff
sdhci: Host ctl2: 0x00000088
sdhci: ADMA Err: 0x00000000 | ADMA Ptr: 0xec4d1208
sdhci: ===========================================



Pandi Vijayaraj