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i.MX25 Disable or Hardware Reset

Question asked by Rodrigo Ruiz on Jul 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by Rodrigo Ruiz

Hello, I would like to know if the i.MX25 Processor have any Hardware Reset or Boot Mode to disble the device and be able to program the External NOR Flash (S29GL512S) from Spansion, that actually is connected to the iMX25 Processor, and the pins of CS0, OE and RW, are always HIGH, and when I try to program the External Flash, the iMX25 is making some interference with the flash signals.


Through Boundary Scan I trying to put the signals in HIGHZ, but the pin CS0 is a linkage pin, and always is High, even when I execute the Instruction HIGHZ(00011) through BSCAN TAP those contol pins are not setting in high impedance.


I sent some Scopes from the Oscilloscope, related of those pins to the programmer developer, and they're requesting to put in RESET mode the iMX25, or disable the Micro, but the Boundary scan HIGHZ is not working with those pins, and maybe the Hardware Reset pin could help us.


So I would like to know if there is some RESET pin, or maybe combination of BOOT_MODE (0,1) pins convination, to disable these pins and be able to program the external flash.