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Problems in ISR of serial communication interface (SCI) - MC9S08GB60

Discussion created by Santhosh Gowda on Nov 13, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2008 by LELTON WOODHAM
   I'm using MC9S08GB60 8 bit controller (HCS08 family).In that i have a problem in clearing the TDRF (transmitt data register empty).At the beginning itself this TDRF flag will set,so my code goes to ISR of transmitt section.I did  2 steps of clearing the TDRF by reading the status register when TDRF is set and then i write in SCI data register (SCID).But i unable to clear that flag,without clearing this i can't comeout of ISR.Can you suggest me for this problem. 
Note:TDRF flag will set when transmitt data register empty.
         In the data sheet they told the 2 steps of clearing the TDRF flag that i mentioned above.
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