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Are VLE and Small Data Area (SDA) incompatible?

Question asked by Etienne Alepins on Jul 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by Etienne Alepins

Question is for the MPC5xxx. The power of small data (SDA) feature of the PowerPC is that for each global variable access (load or store), rather than performing a "lis" instruction followed by a "lwz/stw", only the "lwz/stw" is needed, thus saving a 1-cycle instruction. Indeed, the load/store is done based on r2 or r13 anchor register, which means however that the displacement from this register is limited to 64Kb.


However, VLE load/store 16-bits instructions have a very reduced immediate field, allowing only for 64 bytes displacement around the register. Hence, it is nonsense to do a VLE load/store based on r2/r13 anchor registers since the small data area accessed could only be of 64 bytes.


What should a compiler do if both VLE and SDA are enabled? Should it use one 32-bits VLE load/store instructions when accessing SDA variables? Or is overall performance better if it ignores the SDA nature of the variable and uses 16bits instructions to get the address and load/store the data?


Let's say VLE alone gives a performance improvement of 10% and SDA alone gives 10% performance improvement, should be expect around 20% improvement if both are combined or it will stay around 10%?