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S32K144 -FlexCAN Example Not working

Question asked by sakthivel kulandaivel on Jul 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2018 by Carlos Adrian Palacios Gonzalez

Hi all,


I'm new to S32K144 MCU, My TPMS Application used S32K144 MCU now I have used the CAN Module for communication with other ECU.

I have considered the sample Example from Freescale Document Number: AN5413, This example not working for me when I try to see the CAN Data signals with MCU CAN_Tx pin with Scope.


My idea first take the sample example for testing with standard CAN ID Communication but this example not working for me.

Note, My project not used any SDK version. 


If anyone succeeds in FlexCAN with non-SDK Please share your code.



Sakthivel k