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how to debug T2080RDB  using T2080QDS bootrom(vxworks)

Question asked by Jiachao Zhang on May 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2018 by Jiachao Zhang



       I want to debug T2080rdb using T2080qds bootrom.bin(vxworks);  


      the bootrom.bin(vxworks)  can boot vxworks on T2080qds;


      now I want to use this bootrom.bin to boot vxworks on T2080rdb; 


      now ,  I meet some problems ;


       1);  t2080qds  have qixis ; but t2080rdb  no qixis;   now I delete t2080qds's bootrom (rominit.s) about qixis code , then running on t2080rdb ;  is this ok ?


      2);  I use usb tap to debug bootrom.bin(t2080qds) running on t2080rdb;  but running on ramstart function have a abnormal;  could you give me some suggestion?