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how add bmp file to emmc in uboot imx6dl-sabreauto

Question asked by honglei lin on May 14, 2018
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by honglei lin


I use to display logo.bmp in uboot.

but i can not read logo.bmp file.

I use imx6dl-sabreauto,It can not use sudo dd if=logo.bmp of=/dev/sdc bs=1 seek=1048576 skip=54

Now i display RGB OK

please how can i read the logo file to display in uboot?

if (mmc) {
if (mmc_init(mmc) == 0) {
start = ALIGN(UBOOT_LOGO_BMP_ADDR, mmc->read_bl_len) / mmc->read_bl_len;
count = ALIGN(size, mmc->read_bl_len) / mmc->read_bl_len;
ret = mmc->block_dev.block_read(mmc_dev, start, count, pData);///////?????
printf("load logo bmp, read ret is %d\n",ret);
printf("pdata: %2x %2x %2x \n", pData[0],pData[1],pData[2]);
bmpReady = 1;

where the file to be read? is EMMC? if should add the logo.bmp file to emmc?

Please help me,thanks