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MPC5748G break during startup.s / mfmsr r6 / Machine check

Question asked by aurelienturban on Apr 24, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by Martin Kovar



I am facing a weird issue on MPC5748G, 1N81M mask.

I am running attached reference_start.s file.


Depending on the content of the main (not yet called, of course) my program brick.

The program runs from ram and start.s is located at 4000_0000h.

In order to understand the root of it, I added a breakpoint at the begining of startup.s at 4000_0000h and single stepped.

The program bricks when enabling machine check.


.startup:400000EE                 mfmsr     r6
.startup:400000F2                 e_or2i    r6, 0x1000
.startup:400000F6                 mtmsr     r6 // brick here


From there the step of the debugger stop and when I press " break " the PC is located (and stuck) at 0x10 / se_blr.



What could cause this ? I understand It could help a lot to post project/main but I can't post it publicly.

I can however email it to NXP.


Kind regards#