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0x80502008 and 0x80206008 error codes on iMX28

Question asked by Gauthier de Valensart on Apr 23, 2018
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We have a custom iMX28 board with SD holder with a 5V power supply (no battery), we dot not use USB for boot. The processor is configured to boot from SD. We have a board which worked perfectly since 6 months without issues.


After a reboot, the boot failed and shown 0x80502008 (ERROR_ROM_USB_CONNECT_TIMEOUT) and 0x80206008 ( ERROR_SSP_DRIVER_DMA_TIMEOUT) error codes every 10 seconds. I'm not sure of the error labels as this is not defined in the reference manual. I just found the explanation for the iMX23 and supposed it was the same.


After a power cycle, linux booted like usual. 


Why is this happening ? How to prevent such issues ? 


Thanks for any help,