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can I replace 121pin XFBGA by 121pin MAPBGA (MK64FN1movdc12 by MK22FN1m0avmc12)

Question asked by Adib Taraben on Apr 18, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2018 by Adib Taraben

Hi all,


I have on my board an MK64fn1movdc12 and now it looks that those is not available anymore.

I would like an pin and drop in compatible replacement.

But I am curious about the package naming in the reference table; 121XFBGA, 121MAPBGA, 121BGA


I have here an MK22FN1M0avmc12 that would fit into the shematic.


Can I use that one without changing PCB design?


Regards, adib.