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How can I configure the S32K146 to use the LPUART at 921600

Question asked by Raul Castanon on Apr 16, 2018
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I'm using a development board S32K146 and working with the LPUART, i did the configuration using the SDK 8.5.
The configuration is:

Baud rate: settled as 256000 (no option to set it as 921600)

Parity: no parity
Stop bits: 1

Data: 8 bits

8 bit data + 1 stop bits + start bit

I've change the pins to LPUART0
Tx -> PTB1 output

Rx -> PTB0 input

I configured the FIRCDIV2_CLK at 48MHz as input clk



Using the code example lpuart_echo_s32k146, to get the desired baud rate I write before the initialization of the instance:
lpuart0_InitConfig0.baudRate = 921600U;


Tx communication is successful, frames are written correctly, but when I send the "Hello Board \r\n" string, I don't have the response back.


If I just low the baud rate to the fastest in the SDK the code works as expected...


Any suggestions?