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MPC5748G BAF usage (LIN0)

Question asked by aurelienturban on Apr 10, 2018



I am trying to developp BAF (Boot Assist Flash) programming for factory programming of our gateway.

At the moment I am using MPC5748G LCEVB.


I have experience with previous BAM , over can bus.This is my first BAF attempt.

In case of MPC5748G it seems BAF only works with serial communication over PB0 / PB1.


I connected my FTDI_RX to PB0_LIN0TX and FTDI_TX to PB1_LIN0RX.


Whole PFLASH is erased. ( FF value as seen on debugger ) so there is no valid boot header anywhere.

BAF area is programmed ( content that was delivered with the board ), attached.

As LCEVB xtal is 40 mhz, I have set up the baudrate to 48 000 baud as indicated in the reference manual, 8 data bit, no parity bit, 1 stop bit.


I am sending \h(FE ED FA CE CA FE BE) over FTDI , I checked on the logic analyser : the message is sent at 48 000 baud.

No response is received.


Any help appreciated.


Kind regards