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iMX6 Quad Sabre AI CPU2 Board do not support Ethernet Port

Question asked by Zhengliang Wu on Apr 9, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by igorpadykov

 Design Files of Ethernet Port on CPU Card1. the ethernet port  is different between iMX6Q Sabre AI CPU and CPU2 Card.


1) Under the same linux kernel of 3.10.17 version,   the Ethernet port on the old board, iMX6Q Sabre AI CPU Card can work well, but not work on the new board, iMX6Q Sabre AI CPU2 Card.

2) Meanswhile, the ehternet port on CPU2 board works well on the 4.19 linux kernel.
3. It's sure that the question of ethernet port comes from the the change of ethernet port hardware.

1) Can the new CPU2 Board still support the old linux kernel 3.10.17???
2) About 1) above, how to change the linxu kernel 3.10.17 to support the ethernet port on CPU2 board???