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NTAG 216 - ISO 14443 - part 4

Question asked by PO Samuel on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by Jonathan Iglesias

Dear Sir,


I have some question for the chip Ntag 216. This is because I did not locate the answer on the spec sheet as attached.


1)   “The Reading of this Chip Cards uses commands which are in the specifications ISO 7816 und EMV defined, For sending the commands is Norm ISO-14443, inclusive part 4 necessary.”

Any supporting for the chip Inputting and Outputting. What is the Transmission protocol? 

What is the different from ISO 7816 and  ISO 14443 ?


3)   Our terminal currently only supports smart card commands over the NFC interface, which is sometimes called “chip emulation mode” or “ISO-14443 part 4 support”. Can you please tell me, if your NFC chip supports this mode?


Thank you

Samuel Po