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Additional mSATA interface in i.MX6

Question asked by Prabhu R on Feb 14, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2018 by Victor Linnik



I am a HW designer. In my design, I need to provide 1 x SATA and 1 x mSATA and both shall be functional simultaneously. Since i.MX6 comes with  only one SATA interface I trying to find a solution to implement mSATA in different options. One could be by using SATA port multiplier and another option may be PCIe to mSATA. But I didn't find a solid information as a proof that which one will be better to implement in terms of Hardware and Software. 


Can some one help me by suggesting better one to implement mSATA in our design with i.MX6 in addition to the SATA interface. Also please suggest port multiplier / PCIe to S