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Question about boot error ("DIMM is not supported by this board") of LS1046ARDB.

Question asked by Kazuya Yamauchi on Feb 13, 2018
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We used the following DDR 4 memory instead of DDR 4 memory (MTA18ASF1G72AZ-2G3B1ZG) on LS1046ARDB
  - CT4GDFS8213
  - TS512MLH64V1H

When using these DDR4 memories, we will see the "DIMM is not supported by this board" message.

====  LS1046ARM  ====
1.4.3 DDR memory controller
The chip offers one 32/64-bit DDR controller supporting ECC protected memories. The
32/64-bit DDR4 controller operates at up to 2.1 GT/s. Some key DDR controller features
are as follows:
If not satisfying the above, I guess that this error message will be output.
However, we think that these DDR4 memories satisfy this spec.

Could you advise us the cause of this error message?

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