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KMS Suite and OpenSDA on Custom PCB

Question asked by Frank Roberts on Feb 6, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by Frank Roberts


  I have successfully modified the HVMC3PH kit to drive the high power motor we are using.  I have developed our own custom schematic modeled after the HVMC3PH but with higher current capabilities. 


My question lies in what makes sense to do for the MKV31F.  The KMS tuning software/GUI makes use of OpenSDA to communicate to the KV31F on the HVP-KV32F120M PCI Express card to tune the motor parameters.  I am quite familiar with how to go about doing SWD programming for Cortex M class MCU's but not as much with OpenSDA.  So with that being said I have a couple of questions...


1) Can the KMS Studio be configured to work with a SWD connection versus having to use OpenSDA? If that is the case I can just use my Segger J-LINK and be done.  I don't believe this is possible though? 

2)  If I have to use OpenSDA to use the KMS Studio/GUI I would like to figure out a means to use an external board/debugger to connect to the KV31F that would be resident on my Motor Control PCB.  I am assuming I could simply use a K22-FRDM board with OpenSDA to connect to thhe KV31F on my custom PCB, correct?  I have a couple of K22-FRDM boards that I have used in the past as external Debuggers for custom PCB but using the Segger debugger that can be programmed onto the K22-FRDM.


I want to avoid having to populate additional components on my custom PCB such as USB connectors and a second MCU such as the MK20DX to act as the OpenSDA interface to the KV31F.