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Debugging s32v234 LVDS camera (with ISP).+ max9286

Question asked by li yu on Jan 28, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2018 by Liu Jialu

 Dear All:

      I am on the s32v to debug the camera with isp to make a four-way loop.. The model is ( ov10640(sensor) + ov490(isp) + max96705(serializer). ) x 4 .    I use the official instance program 'isp_ov10640_quad', but this program is a program with an isp framework.  My camera outputs yuyv data format.  How do I remove the ISP framework in 'isp_ov10640_quad'? 


Now the initialization of max9286 I refer to imx6 . The mipi port can be measured with an oscilloscope.  Could you please help me remove the ISP framework from the official instance 'isp_ov10640_quad '?  Thanks