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KL82 Watchdog Refresh

Question asked by Radu Toma on Jan 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by Kerry Zhou

Section 28.10, page 613 of the KL82 Reference manual has the following, vague, statement:


You must take care not only to refresh the watchdog within the watchdog timer's actual time-out period, but also provide enough allowance for the time it takes for the refresh sequence to be detected by the watchdog timer, on the watchdog clock.

Can someone give me some details here on how long does it take to refresh the watchdog?


The reason for asking this question is that I have used the Low Power Oscillator Clock (1kHz) as a clock source for the watchdog. However I've noticed that I need to wait at least 1 LPO clock cycle (1ms) in order for the watchdog to refresh. However I have failed to see anything mentioned about it in the Reference Manual, except in a previous section (28.4.3):

A valid refresh makes the watchdog timer restart on the next bus clock.

But this does not seem to hold when the LPO clock is selected. 


Thank you!