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FRDM K64F dev board

Question asked by Kofi Kofi on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by Kofi Kofi

Hello all....

My development board FRDM - K64F board was not functional properly, I thought the old board was faulty so I requested for a new board.


I connect my new board and I can see it in the Device Manager (COM 4), when I try to connect to Putty Emulator I get an error message, unable to open serial port.


I have updated Windows driver with mbedWinSerial_16466, done a bootloader update with 0244_k20dx_bootloader_update_0x8000.bin


I tried running 'hello world' and in the workspace no probes found. The only way to get my LED on is to have it in bootloader mode.


Now I don't want to return the board, how can I sort this problem.



Do I need to install any drivers or change any settings ?


Please help... refer to attachments.


Yours sincerely