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BLE kw40 to kw30 migration

Question asked by Nikolai Gladchenko on Nov 22, 2017

kw40; kw30 frdm-kw40z porting; ble controller


Dear NXP Community,


we designing a device on KW30z. First prototype was made on the FRDM-KW40Z.
We checked BLE - it workes fine.


But after we manufactured prototype on KW30z we can not launch our firmware with BLE.
We used "Software Porting From MKW40Z to MKW30Z and MKW20Z Wireless MCUs" guide,
although issue is not solved. We can programm KW30z on this bord, can detect it throug a cellphone, but can not connect. The same happens with wireless uart example. We ported this example ussing mentioned above guide and checked on our board (KW30z).


In attachments you can find the guide we used, our prototype schematic and two versions of wireless uart example.
One requeres SDK, another is portable.


Looking forward to getting any advice regarding this issue.

Thanks, Nikolai