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I'd like to know the pressure I can apply to a lidless flipchip processor with a die of 5.13 x 5.43 mm (LS1021A) for a heat sink mounting?

Question asked by Claudy Cavallari on Nov 21, 2017

I'm using a Qorl LS1021A and I'd would like to attach a heatsink on it to cool it at high ambient temperature. The die is small 5.13 x 5.43 mm when the chip is 19 x19 mm. In the AN4871 application note, some devices are listed with allowed force to be applied, but listed devices are quite big compared to the one I have. When calculating the pressure for each device, I found quite the same for all (20 PSI or 0.137 N/mm2). Can I imagine that it is also the case for the small lidless flipchip LS1021A? 

Thank you for your help