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Can't program or erase flash of S32K148 using ULINKpro and Keil IDE

Question asked by Tomas Frcek on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2017 by Robert Boys


I have a S32K148EVB-Q144 board with which I have been toying for some time. I'm using Keil IDE and ULINKpro to develop and download/debug software. Up until now, everything was working fine.


But today I tried to configure the CLKOUT pin to mirror the clock signal from PLL. After that, I could no longer download or erase the program flash in Keil IDE using ULINKpro programmer. I tried every available SW clock, but no luck.


I remember a similar problem with a LPC1769 MCU, where the chip entered an unstable state right after reset and I could no longer reprogram it nor erase it either. I was able to solve this by erasing the entire flash using the FlashMagic software. However, FlashMagic does not support the S32K148.


I looked into the manual and found the following:


In addition, the entire flash memory can be erased from the external SWJ-DP debug port
according to this sequence:
1. Set MDM-AP Control[0].
2. MDM-AP Status[0] sets to indicate the mass erase command has been accepted.
3. MDM-AP Status[0] clears when the mass erase completes.


But I have no idea how to perform these steps.


Please, help me solve this issue!