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Breakpoints not working after KDS/PEMicro update

Question asked by Alexander Farley on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2017 by Alexander Farley



I've seen a couple similar error reports but none with exactly these symptoms. 


1) Updated KDS to 3.2.0

2) Updated PEMicro KDS plugin to

3) Other packages were automatically updated (GNU ARM compiler etc) although I suspect they're not the root cause


I'm using an MK22FX512VLQ12, Win10 under Mac OSX Parallels 13.


Now, my code will not stop on breakpoints while debugging. This was definitely working before. 


I have confirmed:

  • "Skip all breakpoints" is disabled
  • I've only added one breakpoint (removed all, then added 1 new breakpoint)
  • The initial startup breakpoint is working
  • Single-stepping seems to work until I hit a Wait function
  • The code with the breakpoint is definitely being executed, confirmed via UART


Anybody else encountering this? Is there a workaround or fix available? (or even a hint about what is causing this?)


I've contacted PEMicro with the same error report, will post back here if I get new information.