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HTML Report in pinsetting in Processor Expert

Question asked by Garima Parashar on Sep 26, 2017



I am working with Processor Expert mode in KDS v3.2.0 using FreeRTOS. 


In component, I assigned name to pin, but in HTML Report (pinsetting component), in User Assigned name column 'same' is appearing instead of name given by me.


I tried to generate processor expert code, build the project again, but no benefits...


Why this is so?


Also please suggest me what is difference between Routed pin and Routable pin. In .html file I can see that though I routed say, A1 pin , it is appearing in both Routed and Routable pin table.

Please elaborate Routable pin table with each column in detail....any documents?? 


I want to learn more about this HTML report...Please suggest me document to get details.


Please suggest.


Best regards