How to Spin a Motor with NPX's MOTORGD, S32K and MPC5744P

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DISCLAIMER: Applications shown here are just some examples . They were developed and tested with standard NXP development kits and a LINIX 45ZWN24-90-B BLDC motor. Other combinations of DevKits and motors will probably require additional tuning and setup. Please see these applications only as examples not as official NXP solutions.

While these examples were developed with Motor Control Development Toolboxes for S32K144 and MPC5744 with the HW setup described below, binaries are also made available for users who want to try these setups quickly without developing themselves the complete solutions. Details on how to load the binaries are offered below.



This is a short and simple HOW TO SPIN a motor with NXP's latest development kit: DEVKIT-MOTORGD

Code is provided as binaries so no building is required.

Steps below describe:

  • how to load the binaries on the target to spin the motor
  • how to control the speed of the motor and the direction of the spinning using two switches available on the boards.

HARDWARE: Two setups from NXP's low-cost evaluation boards are available:


- S32K144EVB-Q100 development kit based on ARM technology

- DEVKIT-MPC5744P development kit based on NXP's Power Architecture technology


SOFTWARE: Binaries already built files for the motor control application are available:

  • BLDC_S32K.mot (to be flashed on S32K platform)
  • BLDC_MPC5744.mot  (to be flashed on MPC5744 platform)

Both applications do the same thing:

  • spin the motor
  • allow increase and decrease of the speed with direction change with the control of two switches.






For S32K Setup following are the steps to prepare the S32K144EVB-Q100 to work with DEVKIT-MOTORGD:

  • Place R168 and remove R167
  • Place R166 and remove R165
  • Short 1-2 of J107 (S32K144 powered by 12V power source)
  • Short 2-3 of J104 (Reset signal direct to the MCU, use to reset S32K144)
  • Plug in the microUSB cable between S32K144EVB-Q100 and your PC



  • Copy and Paste the BLDC_S32K.mot file into the EVB-S32K144 Mass Storage Drive mapped on your PC





  • Power up the DEVKIT-MOTORGD via J7 with a 10-18Vdc and you should have the motor spinning
  • Use SW2 to increase the motor speed or SW3 to decrease it or to change direction









For MPC5744 Setup following are the steps to prepare the DEVKIT-MPC5744P to work with DEVKIT-MOTORGD:



  • Follow the procedure shown here to program the BLDC_MPC5744.mot file into the DEVKIT-MPC5744P



  • After the BLDC_MPC5744.mot file is programmed into the DEVKIT-MPC5744P flash memory, change the J13 to position 1-2 for external power supply.





  • Power up the DEVKIT-MOTORGD via J7 with a 10-18Vdc and you should have the motor spinning
  • Use SW1 to increase the motor speed or SW2 to decrease it or to change direction



Leave a comment below if you have any issues.

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