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PMIC_ON_REQ being held low.  Won't allow PMIC to turn on.

Question asked by Benjamin Blanton on Sep 12, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2017 by Benjamin Blanton

I'm having issues bringing up a new board.  We are using a PF3000 PMIC and when power is applied, the PMIC_ON_REQ never goes high.  I cut the trace and pulled PMIC_ON_REQ on the PMIC high and now all my rails boot, but the IMX7 is still holding this line low on it's end and the devices seems to not turn on.


Something I noticed on this design, which I've inherited:


ONOFF: floating, but can be pulled down

TEST_MODE: Pulled hard to ground with no 100K


What am I missing?   Why isn't the IMX7 booting?