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When to write to NVM

Question asked by Robert Maier on Jul 27, 2017
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I'll get straight to the question: Is there anything wrong with writing to unwritten flash at any time? That is to say, we have a sector that has been erased, I want to write to a "virgin" portion of this sector at any time even after a reset/power-up. Basically, write to any flash bytes that are still set to 0xFF in a predefined sector?


I am working with a KEA64 MCU. I need to write a small amount of data to flash frequently. I've got plenty of flash space to spare. I could use one or more sectors, and write to them sequentially. Once a sector is filled, it gets erased and put to the end of the write queue. The theory is that writing 8 bytes sequentially get me 64 writes per deteriorating erase/write cycle, thus extending my usable "write" cycles from a minimum of 10k to 640k.


Is there any reason this would not work, or is not favorable?