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About modify .lcf 's effect on Ethernet

Question asked by jlu xiao on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2017 by jlu xiao

Hello everyone,

    As  DMA read / write to RAM on background and cache is not updated which occurs when DMA and cache is used together ,so  when I use the Ethernet model which has DMA , I choose a part of  RAM memory which is not be cached.

   This way is asked by technical support when I bring up relate question last time.the address below  is the answer.


    It is really helpful  and I have used it . "myram" in the photo is the RAM memory which I used for Ethernet.

    But  recently I need  to modify the memory, I make a little modify about lcf, but I reserve the part of RAM memory about Ethernet.

    But I do not know why the Ethernet is not make effect after I modify it  while  other is running well  .It has puzzled me for two weeks .I really hope I can get help from someone.  If the information is not enough, please contact me.

Thank you.      

Best regards.

Yao Guang