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MPC5744P eTimer measurement demos check

Question asked by nathan 米 on Jul 4, 2017


I am learning to use the eTimer module of MPC5744P to measure the duty cycle of PWM.

I want to use the port A[1] and port A[2] for measurement and I do not want to use it for 32bit counting capability, just 16bit is enough. So I found the demo named "eTimer_measurement_630", which is in the attachment, and made some changes and try to make a new demo which is fit for my requirement. the new demo is also in the attachment, named "eTimer_measurement_for_BLDC_0704".


Can someone help me to check if there are any errors in my new demo? Is it correct?


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Original Attachment has been moved to: eTimer_measurement_630.rar

Original Attachment has been moved to: eTimer_measurement_for_BLDC_0704.rar