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Erroneous MDIO register documentation or definitions for mEMAC?

Question asked by Martin Etnestad on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on May 21, 2017 by Martin Etnestad

Hi all,

I have come across something extremely confusing with the #defines at the end of fsl_memac.h, available in FreeScale's U-Boot Git repository here:


If you compare the defines with the register definitions in f.ex. "QorIQ LS1046A Data Path Acceleration Architecture (DPAA) Reference Manual", section " MDIO Ethernet Management Interface Registers", almost all of them appear to be "backwards".
Allow me to use MDIO_STAT as an example:

#define MDIO_STAT_CLKDIV(x) (((x>>1) & 0xff) << 8) /* Wrong! Should be 16 */
#define MDIO_STAT_BSY (1 << 0) /* Correct! */
#define MDIO_STAT_RD_ER (1 << 1) /* Wrong! Should be 30 */
#define MDIO_STAT_PRE (1 << 5) /* Wrong! Should be 26 */
#define MDIO_STAT_ENC (1 << 6) /* Wrong! Should be 25 */
#define MDIO_STAT_HOLD_15_CLK (7 << 2) /* Wrong! Should be 27 */
#define MDIO_STAT_NEG (1 << 23) /* Wrong! Should be 8 */

The only bit definition that appears correct according to documentation is MDIO_STAT_BSY.
All the other definitions are backwards, i.e., singular bit N is "moved" to 31-N.


There is also a #define for MDIO_DATA_BSY, which I can't find any mention of in the MDIO_DATA register definition.
Does this bit exist at all?


What's going on here? Is the documentation for the MDIO registers wrong?

Or am I misunderstanding something?


Best regards,
    Martin Etnestad