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SD Card as USB Mass Storage with TowerK20D72M

Question asked by palak patel on May 11, 2017
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I want to use sd card as usb mass storage device in TWR-K20D72M.

I am using IAR 7.40.3xxx Version.


I guess Freescale USB Stack will be useful in this.

1. I have Downloaded stack from official site.

2. Added Freescale\Freescale USB Stack v4.0.3\Source\Device\app\msd\iar_ew\kinetis_20\USB_MSD project

3. But while importing in IAR, I found this.

Image with no config file

so, i have chosen other debugger file from available.for debugger, i am using PE micro and using 64k_RAM file.

I am not using Flash


After doing this, i am able to load and run code. 

Set up :

1. I am attaching USB Mini cable for power and code loading.

2. I load code and run code

3. Now attaching Board through micro usb cable to my host.

but here, on right side pop up comes as "USB Device Not Recognized".



I have Tried with all Version of USB stack, all Demo (HID,cdc) available in stack.

where i am doing wrong?

Some of My doubts :

1. Please provide all correct jumper connection for my requirement

2. I am doing it with 64k_RAM .icf file.Does this make any sense because originally, stack is using Flash.

3. From where i can have those missed files for debugger and flash loader specified in demo of stack?

4. My method is correct or something is wrong?

Give me best method for sd card as usb mass storage for TWR-K20D72M

Thanks in Advance.


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