Alireza Aghaei

how to expand pwm pins?(lpc1768)

Discussion created by Alireza Aghaei on May 10, 2017


i'm a beginner in MCUs world .

i'm facing some issues ...

in LPC17XX datasheet there is 6-output general purpose PWM available in LPC1768

 I'm planning  to use 7 PWM pin to control the speed of 7 BLDCs by ESCs

but i need one more PWM pin .(i need them separately)


sometimes it happen that some more pin of a kind are required separately(i mean asynchronous) do you have any idea how to solve this problem ?

by the way this micro has one specialized motor control PWM  can i use it for 7th one ?

i may also need some more PWM pins for 2 or 3 DC motors (synchronous) .


I've found out that one expanding  way is using multiplexers for synchronous buses .

one more way that i saw pple used with arduino was Latch method and shift register method ( in this method they use 74Hc595 )....

but they have their own difficulty ....