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LPC4370 About configure Clock of CLKOUT Port ( P1_19 )

Question asked by Young Jae LEE on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by Young Jae LEE

I am trying to configure 8MHz Clock of CLKOUT ( Port/Pin : P1_19)

This clock will be used output for external Peri device 


Develop Environment.

- Testing Board : LPC-LINK2

- MCU : LPC4370

- Develop Tools : LPCXpresso (free) and LPCOpen (demo code)



1. How can i set up (configure) CLKOUT Clock out of LPC4370 ?

- what is right setup flow ?,

- where is technical doc or sample code to configure CLKOUT of 8MHz clock?

If you have any example code to configure External Clock, Please Let me know


The following figure is for LPC4370 CGU and You can see CLKOUT in red color