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Does SDHC_VS have to be enabled in LS1043A to use UHS-I

Question asked by Brian Paiva on May 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by Pavel Chubakov

I'm struggling to support UHS-I on my LS1043ARDB board and I noticed that by default the SDHC_VS signal isn't enabled in RCW[SPI_EXT].  Does this mean that writing 1 to PROCTL[VOLT_SEL] does nothing if RCW[SPI_EXT] isn't set to 001?  And if I understand this correctly you can't support both UHS-I mode on an SD Card and SPI at the same time?  Setting RCW[SPI_EXT] to 001 didn't solve my problem so there must be more to it.  Do I also need to enable SDHC_CMD_DIR by setting RCW[SPI_BASE] to 11b?  I attempted this, but in Code Warrior it does not give me an option to set RCW[SPI_BASE] to 11b.  I can only set it to 0b00, 0b01 or 0b10.