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QorIQ P1013 DDR3 controller in 32 bits mode

Question asked by jeromegy on Apr 4, 2017



My board uses a P1013 with 64 bits of DDR3 memory with ECC, and I would like to suppress memory chips to have only 32 bits access + ECC. This is for cost and consumption purpose.


Thus I have modified the config in this way :

Register @0x2110 : DDR_SDRAM_CFG.[DBW] = '01' (32 bits mode)

Register @0x2110 : DDR_SDRAM_CFG.[8_BE] = '1' (8 burst length)


Nevertheless this new conf doesn't work : bit [D_INIT] of DDR_SDRAM_CFG_2 register is stuck to 1 after the enable of the controller.


Does anyone know if I have to change other registers in order to have a functionnal 32 bits conf from a 64 bits one ?


Thanks a lot,



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