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MPC5744P LQFP144 Pinmaps for Ethernet

Question asked by Jaecheol Lee on Mar 30, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by Peter Vlna

According the the MPC5744P data sheet,

I could find the many pin maps of Ethernet feature on LQFP144.

However orderable part table describes that eithernet is available only for  257 MAPBGA.


Why pin maps related to Ethernet is available for LQFP144?

Is there any way to utilize Ethernet on LQFP144?


The pin numbers for LQFP144 are described as follows:

Ethernet Transmit Error: 80

Ethernet MII/RMII Receive data 1: 33

Ethernet MII/RMII Receive data 0: 34

Ethernet Receive valid data: 37

Ethernet Receive clock: 32

Ethernet MII Transmit data: 76

Ethernet Timer output: 121

Ethernet MDIO Clock output: 133

Ethernet Timer output2: 139

Ethernet Transmit data valid: 85

Ethernet RMII clock/Transmit clock: 81

Ethernet MII/RMII Transmit data 0: 79

Ethernet MII/RMII Transmit data 1: 77

Ethernet MII/RMII Transmit data 3: 75

Ethernet MII Carrier sense: NA  (only for MAPBGA: F4)

Ethernet MII Collision: NA (only for MAPBGA: F3)