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for the BOOT_CFG3[2] setting of i.MX6

Question asked by yuuki on Mar 29, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2017 by igorpadykov

Dear all,


I have a question about Boot constitution pin of i.MX6.


The BOOT_CFG3[2] selects a frequency for ARM and DDR until Boot loader in the Boot device is executed.
  0 - ARM - 792 MHz, DDR - 396 MHz, AXI - 264 MHz
  1 - ARM - 396 MHz, DDR - 352 MHz, AXI - 176 MHz


I understand that after Boot Loader was executed, they(ARM/DDR/AXI) work in a setting value in Boot Loader.
(all PLL is set again by Boot Loader.)

Is my understanding right?

Best Regards,