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Clock / MCG settings on 9S08DZ60

Discussion created by Werner Meier on Jul 28, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2008 by Werner Meier
Hi together,
I am getting started with 9S08DZ60. I got the demo board and wrote my first program with the CodeWarrior.
I just want to toggle an output pin at max speed. I got it to work but the speed doesn't fit the settings I made.
First I tried with the processor expert. External clock enabled, clock source crystal, 4Mhz, PEE mode, 16MHz PLL output.
But on the oscilloscope I just get 714kHz.
Then I took the example #1 from the datasheet. Then I get about 1.4MHz at the pin. Still not the supposed frequency of 8Mhz.

I am new to the Freescale technology, so maybe I am missing something out here.
The MCG thingy is a bit hard to understand if you are new to it. But I already figured out the basic principle.
At what frequency is the main program running at? MCGOUT or bus frequency?

Thanks in advance,