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Where to configure DIP switches settings?

Question asked by XU LU on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2017 by ajithpv

Hi, all,


In <Linux_User's_Guide.pdf>, it says:

  • No dedicated boot dips are reserved for serial download mode on i.MX 6 SABRE-SD
  • boards. Therefore, a tricky method is used to enter serial download mode. For example,
  • set boot mode as SD3 boot (SW6 dip 2, 7 on others are off). Do not insert SD card into
  • SD3 slot, and power on the board. After "HID- Compliant device" is detected, it means
  • that the board has entered serial download mode. Insert the SD card into SD3 slot.
  • Another way to do this is to configure an invalid boot switch setting, for example, set all
  • the dips of SW6 to off.


I wonder how to configure DIP switches like the "Another way".

By the way, where to download <uboot_mx6x.pdf>, it's not in docs <fsl-yocto-L4.1.15_2.0.0-ga>.

Thank you .