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MK64FX512VLL12 Custom Bootloader related

Question asked by Neha Beknalkar on Mar 2, 2017

I am trying to make custom bootloader firmware using MK64FX controller, for this i have modified the linker files for both application and booatloader firmware. For this changes i had used "DFU_PC_Demo" source code.


By using bootloader firmware i can erase all flash sectors (512KB) without any error.


I am using FTFE flash module for programming flash sectors, i after programming 68KB of firmware, i am getting "ACCERR" error in "FTFE_FSTAT" register, but still all firmware is downloading without any error.


After complete download of firmware , i couldn't jump to application firmware location (0x16000) , I am getting 'no source available error in debug and sometimes go to "Default handler".


Kindly suggest necessary changes required for remove access error and switching program counter to Application firmware location.