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pn532 P2P communication nodejs

Question asked by Julien cauchon on Feb 22, 2017



I need to use at work, for a wearable project. Two raspbery pi and two nfc chips.

Here is the nfc module :

I'm working with Electron (, so my UX is ok, my pi setup to.

What i need is P2P exchange between two device, in other words I need to share json object between the two raspberri py using nfc.

My wiring is ok, i can testing it with the libNFC exemples.

I'm using the node module called pn532 ( ) for handle the nfc module. The probleme is that that module don't have the card emulation feature ported now. I'have forked him ( and work a little on this but I'm stuck now.

you can read that issue opened ( for that subject. Here you can trace all the progress of the project as well as how to proceed.

My main probleme as you can see at the end of the issue, i can't read all the message, when i use the rfid.emulateGetData() function.

I'm realy stuck with this work project, by the way yet I feel that we are approaching the goal.

So sorry for my bad english. <3