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Whats the deal with ZigBee and Thread Stack Compilers

Question asked by Tim Overly on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2017 by Juan Carlos Pacheco

I have been trying to understand the NXP website for sometime, and mostly failing.


I am trying to evaluate various platforms out there to do some ZigBee and hopefully Thread development.  


My requirements:


  1. I work on Macs, so IAR compilers aren't really an option, especially for just trying some low volume prototyping at this point.
  2. The platform must have ZigBee
  3. I would really like it to have Thread



What I "think" is up with NXP


  1. They have the KW2x line that has a Thread/BLE/802.15.4 for GCC compilers, but the BeeStack must us IAR.
  2. The have the JN517x line that has a ZigBee 3.0 Stack for GCC but no plans for Thread.


Actual questions:


  1. Any of what I "think" correct?
  2. Anyone have any clue if they going to support ZigBee on the KW2x, or Thread on the JN517x?


I am really sorry if this is the wrong place or has been answered some place else, and thank you very much for you time.  This stuff is so much harder than actually making stuff.