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InDataExchange response Time

Question asked by testbed on Feb 6, 2017
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I am using PN532 in P2P mode wherein the sequence of commands on initiator is like:


1. [Initiator] - InJumpForDep


2. [Initiator] - InDataExchange


On the Target side i have the flow

1. [Target] InitAsTarget


2. TargetRx - [TgGetData]


<Perform processing based on data received, (takes time t)>


3. TargetTx - [TgSetData]


Therefore when i give the InDataExchange command on Initiator, on target side it uses GetData, Process, SetData.


Now then, TgSetData is returning error status as 0x29 - Target released by initiator.

I have observed that when the  processing time t is small the status is OK but when t is large

the status is 0x29. Given that i have not procedurally released the target using InRelease, is there

some timeout setting that i am missing ?


According to the data sheet the S(TO)REQ/RES is managed by PN532. I've set the CFgItem02 & 0x05 using RFConfiguration commands to maximum timeout values but then they are only associated with InJumpForDEP/ATR_REQ/RES


So the question is, is there a timeout value associated with InDataExchange ?