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/dev/dpa_classifier /dev/dpa_stats do not create in the linux.

Question asked by Vidya Sagar on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2017 by Vidya Sagar
Dear All,
We have T2080RDB development kit trying to run classifier_demo.
We are following SDK2.0 document ( Running classifier_demo) chapter.
Enabled offloading driver in the kernel and using t2080rdb-usdpaa.dpa dtb but /dev/dpa_classifier /dev/dpa_stats do not create in the linux.
We set setenv othbootargs “fsl_fm_max_frm=9600" in the boot prompt.
and we are exporting export DEF_CFG_PATH=/usr/etc/classifier_demo_config-b4860.xml export DEF_PCD_PATH=/usr/etc/classifier_demo_policy.xml export DEF_PDL_PATH=/etc/fmc/config/hxs_pdl_v3.xml
Then /dev/dpa_classifier /dev/dpa_stats should create but do not. Please let me know where is the mistake.
Thanks, Vidya