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MC1321x - BeeStack - Frequency Agility Alternatives?

Discussion created by Mike Ware on Jul 9, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2008 by Mike Ware
To ZigBee Gurus and/or neophytes:
I am trying to finish up a product for release this month and was hesitant to upgrade from ZigBee 2006 (BeeStack codebase 1.0.4) to ZigBee 2007 (BeeStack codebase 2.0.0).
But I am having issues with EndDevices loosing synch with Coordinators (most likely due to noise in the ISM band (maybe from sources like microwaves?)).  Currently my EndDevice app-layer attempts to "ReJoin" when synch is lost or messages are not confirmed, which works maybe 50% of the time (not good enough for this application).
Is Frequency Agility the answer to my problems?
Is there an alternative to Frequency Agility with BeeStack 1.0.4 (maybe at the application level), if I wanted to avoid upgrading to BeeStack 2.0.0?
Also, how long does it takes the Frequency Agility algorithm to do it's thing?  Any quicker than initial connection?
 - Ware