Dirceu Rodrigues Jr


Discussion created by Dirceu Rodrigues Jr on Dec 20, 2016

For some time now I have been looking for an opportunity to implement a 220 V Solar Microinverter  (36 V PV module) around an LPC processor. I believe the LPCXpresso54608 board has the necessary features. In addition to the inherent low power consumption, the Cortex-M4 180 MHz microcontroller performance (with DSP, 64 bit MAC, SIMD, saturation, etc.) becomes the brain controlling power flow from the PV panel to the grid.  Also, the LPC54608 would be responsible to execute the MPPT algorithm, fault control, and Ethernet communication (ie. hosting a simple web page for configuration and monitoring). My initial specifications: Maximum output power: 190 W, Nominal output voltage: 220 V, Power factor: Greater than 0.95, Total harmonic distortion: Less than 5%. The SCT outputs are particularly useful in order to generate de PWM signals, The SCT inputs can provide  fault alarms for shutdown the converter. The support for graphical LCD allows building an HMI for local user control.The attached figure illustrates the basic configuration, where the topology for the converter can vary for example, for an interleaved flayback. After the proof of concept and the validation tests I would like to change this design to a "Grid-Connected Solar Micro Inverter".