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MPC5748G Devkit - LinFlex2 UART shows junk charaters

Question asked by Sandeep V L on Dec 16, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2018 by Yukun Wu

Hello friends,


I have a DEVKIT-MPC5748G and am now trying to get an example program for UART working on it. 


I am using the example named 'linflexd_uart' available in DEVKIT-MPC5748G-LAB package downloaded from NXP's website. 


IDE is S32DS and am using OpenSDA to program and debug. 


However, I see junk characters randomly on the serial window.



JFYI, I have an MPC574xG EVB and this code is working perfectly in it.


Debugged the program and verified that the RX line is working perfectly and character written to the Transmit buffer is also correct.


Baud rate and serial settings have to be correct since I don't see junk characters all the time.


Could you please help me in sorting this out?




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