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Unable to play Video using qt/qml application in imx6qp sabre ai board

Question asked by lavakumar s on Dec 13, 2016
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 i am working with imx6qp sabre ai board with yocto build :Ver 4.1.15-1.1 .

Also have all the dependent libraries installed for media i.e Gstreamer . and we have qt5.5 installed in the system.


Now. when i play a video using "gst-play-1.0 //file.mp4" i am able to play a video but

we have a qt/qml application where we couldn't play the video.

getting following errors.


ERROR :qml:[qmlvideo] VideoItem.onError error 5 errorString the QMediaPlayer object does not have a valid service

Help us with proper guidance.


Note: failure file attached.



Lavakumar S