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Very weird interrupt issue (MKL27Z256)

Question asked by Joey Gouly on Dec 9, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2016 by Kerry Zhou



I'm still trying to understand this issue, so this post might be a bit confusing.


I seem to have an issue where my USB code, where it just stops working after some period of time. If I have UART initialised, it seems to work fine.


I added some code to the interrupt handlers, and it seems like when it 'stops working', it goes into interrupt 34, which is TPM1. I'm confused by that, I'm not actively using the TPM modules for anything.


Another thing is that, if I 'drop' my PCB a few centimetres or hold it in my hands, it seems to stop working too, and go into the TPM1 interrupt.


I know this is really vague, I just don't understand what's happening at all. Just hoping someone might have some ideas of anything I can try.


I'm going to try tomorrow with a new cable, and different PCBs.